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Demonstrations Available

Compare a selection of leading televisions and sound systems within the quiet surrounding of our first-floor demonstration showrooms.

Basic or Smart TV?

There is such wide variation in price between a low-cost TV, through middle to the upper range models offering all of the latest features and the very best possible picture quality.

Somewhere within this ranges there will be a television model that is just right for you and we shall be happy to assist you to select the one to fit your requirements. We operate two first-floor showrooms at our Warwick Street store within which customers can compare the sound and picture quality of selected models from Panasonic, Sony and Samsung.

Televisions are Changing

Many of today’s television receivers are not just a TV but can also include a range of Smart Features offering viewers easy access to catch-up TV and additional entertainment sites.

At Wall’s we always endeavor to use easy to understand language to explain the differences between selected models, especially when explaining a television’s Smart Features. Demonstrations are carried out within the quiet surrounding of our first-floor showrooms, situated away from the hustle and bustle of the main shop area.

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If you can't find what you want, feel free to visit the store or drop us a line anytime.

All Major Brands Available

If you have seen a product elsewhere but would prefer to purchase it from your local independent electrical retailer.
Please give us a call on 01926 883 883,
or email, and we shall endeavour to obtain one on your behalf.

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